June 16, 2008

Started on glu.lisp

I have done some preliminary work on generating glu.lisp from the glu.h header on my system. It's not doing too badly (misunderstanding only 76 lines out of 340), but there are lots of procedures it doesn't "get" yet. I will also have to take a closer look at the types being defined in gl.h. If the generation works, this will be extra valuable, as the original glu.lisp is quite minimal. It means I'll be able to cover quite a bit more of the available functionality.

I'm spending more time on this than I had hoped, but I still think it's valuable. My first feature of the engine will likely be character models, making use of the CAL3D library. If so, then I'm already hoping to apply the generator to CAL3D to set up the bindings.

[edit] I have most all procedures covered now. I still need to take a closer look at the type mappings, though.

[PS] As for the peasant magic: I finished dead last. :-)

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