June 01, 2008

(require 'sdl-demos)

So, another day, another step forward, and... another step backward. Let's start with the good news: I integrated my sdl-cocoa bugfix into cl-sdl, which means that I can now skip some tedious manual steps that I had to do before. That's when I started going over the different demos to make sure that everything is still ok. Here are captures of the ones which worked: Looks nice right ? OK, so they're no Unreal 3 demos, but it's still nice to see them running. Unfortunately, there are about as many demos which do not run as there are which do. For those I'm getting an "SB-KERNEL::UNDEFINED-ALIEN-FUNCTION-ERROR: Attempt to call an undefined alien function". With the help of the traceback I can see that something is going wrong with the load-bmp function. I have had bitmaps loading in earlier experiments, but I haven't tried it since starting this blog. So I guess I'm of on another wild duck hunt... [edit] I managed to get the textures to load. Here is a screenshot of (nehe:run-tutorial 9): I think something is going wrong with the loading of the foreign library. I have to do a manual uffi:load-foreign-library; if not, I still get the earlier error. I'll have to take a closer look at why it won't load the right library all by itself anymore.


Crimson13 said...

Cool :-)
You're further ahead then me for the moment (I'm currently porting my existing 'framework' to C#).

Kris said...

Perhaps you should start a blog as well ? ;-)

Crimson13 said...

Well, it might indeed help me pick up some pace :-)