March 16, 2011

Back to school

Some of you may already know Khan Academy, but for those who don't here are the cliffnotes. Khan Academy is basically a collection of YouTube videos which help you learn algebra, geometry, physics,... It was originally made as a teaching aid by Salman Khan for his cousins, but it has grown into something quite a bit bigger.

I'm currently going through the chemistry course, and it's really enjoyable. So if you feel like learning something new, or maybe just taking a refresher course, Khan Academy is there for you.

March 07, 2011


This seemingly simple product readily answers one of my main gripes with the iPad: where's the pen ? Love the eInk technology as well, which should be much more energy friendly.

(Picture originally from the NoteSlate website.)

If they can really get this to work then I want one badly ! Guys, can you please get this out in time for my birthday (early June) ? Thanks! ;-)

March 06, 2011


A good friend of mine has started a new and interesting blog. It's full of Haskell and natural language processing geekiness. What more could you want ? :-)