October 28, 2013

It's Behind You

In "It's Behind You" Bob Pape tells the story of how he, mostly by chance, became a game developer, and ended up having to port R-Type (now easily considered a must-have-played classic) to the ZX Spectrum; a job he was not looking forward to. That over thirty years later his port is still considered among the best for that platform is something the author would never have expected. And if you read the book you'll understand why.

Bob includes some technical details to satisfy geeks like me, but he writes mostly about the circumstances leading up to, and surrounding, the creation of the game; and that's exactly as it should be. Allow yourself to be exported back to the early 80's, and get a feeling what it was like to be a junior programmer in those days.

Oh, did I mention the entire story is free to read ?

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