September 27, 2010


I have been having a bad time with headaches these last two weeks. I think hardly a day went by without getting struck with one.

The worst are those you get up in the morning with. They just ruin the rest of the day, right there and then. Your energy is gone a lot faster, and it gets much harder to focus on things. Plus, worst of all, you get really irritable. And then I get irritated at getting irritated.

I try to get past my headaches with as little pharmaceuticals as possible. One really nice remedy is a Chinese balm which is used to help sprained muscles. It heats the flesh, and when applied to the forehead can actually suppress headaches. So from this we can deduce that a headache is nothing more than a sprained muscle. And there's a lot of muscle in my head. ;-)

But sometimes there's just no getting around it and then I'm back to my Dafalgan and energy drinks. It's a lethal combination, but it often works.

Well, I'm still clear-headed now, and so there's only one thing to do: watch some House MD. :-)

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