June 11, 2010

Where am I ? Sidetracked.

Hey, Blogger finally has some new layouts to play with. Nice! The choice still is quite limited, but you get a lot of customisation options to help make up for it.

Right, I was going to tell you I'm sidetracked again. I was working on my 2D scenegraph based document renderer, of which I posted some screenshots earlier. But right now I'm really experimenting a combination of Ruby on Rails, geolocation services, the Google maps API, and my iPhone.

I discovered something scary in the process: Firefox has this built-in geolocation technology (well, it's a combination of FF tech and a Google service) which quite accurately is able to tell me where on earth I am. Without the use of GPS. Without me having given it my address in any way. With only my own network around to possibly recognize. Sure, they could have linked that to my location, but I don't think they've been wardriving around here.

If you're not slightly freaked out about your laptop being able to tell where it is and, hence, where you are, then you have a stronger stomach than me... Though I guess it would come in handy when you lost it. Just remotely connect to it and let it tell you. :-)

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