June 01, 2010

Making real science fiction

Via TED. This is cool, but I don't yet see how we're going to make everyday use of something like this. Standing in front of a video wall waving your arms around is going to be tiring. In fact, I think that this still fails with the distance which exists between what you're manipulating and your hands (it's still just a point-and-click interface). That's why I like the videos he showed at the start of his talk much more. Direct interaction with real and virtual objects, without the distance, is what really makes this work. And if every surface gets these capabilities then we're talking about something very different entirely. Imagine when your desktop doesn't stop with the edges of your screen, but flows over onto your actual desk, walls, etc. Then the interface becomes really spatial, and you can start doing some really funky stuff. If we can get to that, that would be more than amazing.

But I don't see that happening in just five years time...

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