March 16, 2010

Skribler 2 – first milestone

Work on the second version of Skribler is progressing quite nicely. I just reached my first milestone: a skribel which defines a grammar for skribels which store grammars for skribels.
Too fast ? Here is what I've got, in smaller increments:
  • A storage format for skribels (very basic trees).
  • Reading and writing skribels from and to file.
  • Basic tree parsing support.
  • A small tool which uses tree parsing to parse a grammar stored in a skribel, and generates a tree parser from that. The generated tree parser can then be used to parse other skribels.
  • A grammar stored in a skribel which defines the format for grammars stored in skribels. The tree parser generated from this can then be used to parse the grammar which generated the tree parser in the first place.
All that looks like this in the console:
Grammar loaded from "resources/grammar.grammar.skribel".
Matching skribel in "resources/grammar.grammar.skribel"...
  Matching SUCCESSFUL.
Now that's cool. :-)

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