July 23, 2009


I found the following through the Procrastineering blog:

What you see here is Rhonda, a 3D modeling tool which makes use of freehand drawing for defining geometry. And I want it! I'm good at drawing, but can't get my head around 3D modeling. Well, I have done some architectural models, but I fail epicly with anything organic. Something like Rhonda seems like a way of getting around this problem by leveraging something which I do know how to do.

What the video doesn't show though, is whether you can go from these wireframe impressions to real solid geometry...


Crimson13 said...

Seems like fun. I'm not too sure though if it's actually easier to make a complete (organic) 3D model :-)

Kris said...

It just seems like it's easier to visualise. I could never figure out how to get my meshes the way I want them. But if I can simply draw them from different angles, then that might be a better fit for me.

Anyway, you may be right. I would just really like to try it out. :-)