November 07, 2013


Only a brief update on the Brain Drain project for now: I have managed to get the new layout for the phone app working in Android. I now have room for defining and selecting tags to go along with the measurements. What I still have to do is actually enable this functionality in full.

The main lesson learned today: test sooner and more often on an actual device. I have so far been using the Chrome browser as a bit of a substitute testing environment. This works really well, but the webkit engine on Android does not yet enjoy all the same features. Case in point: viewport relative lengths, which I was using to do device-independent layouts without Javascript. The solution ? Well,... yeah,... use Javascript. :-)

Anyway, to keep you entertained waiting for the next more sizeable update, here is an interesting blog I found: 0 FPS. It covers graphics programming, geometry and algorithms. Has some pretty nice articles. Enjoy!

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