May 07, 2012

Oracle vs. Java

Quoting from Ars Technica:
If the verdict that Android infringed copyrights stands, it could put programmers in a difficult situation. Java is an open source language, but now it's not clear how free programmers are to use it, since Oracle has said that anyone following the Java APIs—which are basically sets of instructions about how to use Java—needs a license.
"Other people will be deterred from using Java as the basis for some non-standard thing in the future," said Tyler Ochoa, a professor of copyright law at Santa Clara University. "It could be the case that Oracle wins the battle and loses the war."
Anyone else following the Java soap ? "This week Jay's evil stephfather is trying to take over his inheritance, possibly squandering it in the process. Tune in!" Or that's what it feels like anyway...

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