November 29, 2011

Playing the new Zelda

Damn you Krowland for putting the idea into my head! :-)

Impressions so far:
  • Love the graphic style, though the new Link has something of a baby face. All the other characters are visually more interesting.
  • Love the controls for fighting. First time I see the Wiimote Plus being used to such good effect.
  • Hate the camera at times. Why can't it stay fixed behind your character ? I'm constantly realligning it.
  • Feels too much like a game for kids. The old Zelda game (which, for me, is A Link to the Past) may not have been as technically advanced, but at least it got you right into the action without making you feel like a child. I never had to go pick up kittens in the old game.
  • That blue avatar the Godess sent keeps bugging me too much. At one time I couldn't take three steps before she had to come back to report some new piece of information she thinks is so important. This game gives you too much information and too many notices.
  • I'm also not sure about degrading shields. I want to play the game and enjoy a good story; not be doing inventory management all the time.
But I'll still keep playing. :-)

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