October 06, 2011

RIP Steve Jobs

So long, and thanks for all the Apples.

Update: Everybody is sharing Steve Jobs stories, so I'll add two of my own. First is the first computer I ever saw. I was eight or so, and my dad had bought an Apple II clone. I wrote my first Apple Basic programs on it, and it was probably a life-changer.

The second is more relevant to the theme of this blog: Steve Jobs switching the core of Mac OS X from PowerPC to Intel. This was a pretty much unheard of strategy. Any software developer has to tip his/her hat to that. Not only because he managed to get it done, but the way in which he got it done. He made it look like the easiest thing ever. "Just pick the right checkbox (PPC or Intel) when you build your project. That's it. Boom. It just works." Yeah.

The world is a much less interesting place now that Steve Jobs has left it.

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