September 20, 2011

Java^H^H^H^H Groovy

I have had the opportunity to work with Groovy over the last few weeks, and I though I would share my main conclusion: it is vastly better than Java. Killer features ? Yeah, a few:
It's actually quite embarrasing that Groovy manages to deliver in a few years what Java failed to bring to the table in much much longer. What have been the greatest changes to the Java language in the last few versions ? Generics ? Better iterator integration ? Yeah, not much worth mentioning.

I also learned how much I got stuck in the Java view of programming. It actually took some time to readjust to some of the Groovy features. The advantages of closures, for instance, are many. But it required conscious effort to apply them when I started in Groovy. So here's the biggest reason every Java developer should be playing with Groovy: because it can make you a better programmer with better reflexes.

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