July 25, 2011

Make Install

One of my frequent online reads is the Make blog. It's full of creative people, often making incredible stuff. Still, I feel that the Make editors are missing out on an entire category of Makers: software makers.

Now, there is some software to be seen on the Make blog, but it's always software as an artifact to make some cool hardware projects. What I would like to see is some articles where the software artifact is the project. I know there are a lot of hobby programmers out there, so why not put some of the spotlight on them too ?

Rather than wait for someone else to do this for me, I figured I could just add this to my own blog. I'm going to categorize these articles under the 'make install' tag for easy lookup later on. I'll try to add content regularly myself, but suggestions from readers are very welcome!

This will be something of an experiment, so let's see where we get.

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