May 06, 2010

Koopa 1up

I just updated the Koopa Cobol Parser with a new version. I have been updating the grammar a bit (it now covers ADD, SUBTRACT, MULTIPLY and DIVIDE), but the really new feature is the XPath querying in the GUI.

The XPath support was already in the code, but you couldn't access it in an easy way. With this new release you can now open up a dialog in the code visualiser and perform XPath queries on the full syntax tree. All results link back to the source code with a simple double click. So you can now, for instance, search for all string literals, all paragraphs, all tokens on line 100, the first four data definitions, the last section, etc.

On a totally unrelated note: today marks the two-year anniversary of if-false-panic. Yay! I may not have stuck with that 3D engine in Lisp, but I did stick with this blog, and I have gotten at least one project to the point where it's usable by the public (as a hint: see this post's title).

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