April 20, 2010

Koopa 1up

Finally some progress to report: an update of the Koopa Cobol Parser project. The main feature of the new release can be seen below: calculation of coverage.

The horizontal axis iterates over the 513 files in the test suite. The vertical axis shows you how much of that file Koopa actually parses (or, put differently, doesn't ignore). As you can now see, coverage is not bad at all. Consider me a happy developer.

I extended the batch parsing application with the ability to export its results to CSV, which you can then import into the favourite spreadsheet of your choice. So you can run this against any code you have lying around and get a nice visual in a reasonable amount of time.

Other feature: Koopa can now also correctly handle SKIP1, SKIP2, SKIP3 and EJECT statements. These are basically directives for printing the source code; they don't actually contribute to the semantics of the program. Makes you wonder how much Cobol code got physically printed over all these years...

As usual, the executable jar has been updated, so feel free to take Koopa for a spin.

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