January 11, 2010


Yeah, I haven't been doing much these last few weeks. In my spare time, that is. With the holidays, the new year, and the darkness I haven't had a lot of energy to get back to programming something useful.

Things I have been doing instead:

  • Playing games on my old Super Nintendo. It still works perfectly. Zelda, Super Mario All Stars, Super Mario Kart, Starwing, etc. Some of these games seem much more fulfilling than others I have been playing lately. But maybe I have been playing the wrong games.
  • Watching StarCraft games. The commentaries by DiggitySC are really good. He says he's not a pro, but he's way above my level (mine being somewhere slightly above that of a paramecium). And it's entertaining.

Anyway, I hope to get back to some programming soon, but it might be a while before I post something "interesting". In the mean time you might like to try the Next Revison blog. It has lots of 3D yumminess!

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