October 31, 2009


I found this game through a review on Ars Technica. The visuals are stunning:

I bought it. It's about 16 euros, and for that you can download a Mac, Windows and Linux version, and you get the soundtrack in mp3 format as well. No registration codes or DRM of any kind, so once you buy it you can install it on any machine you have without hassle. Super!

Ah yes, the gameplay. It's actually a very nice game. It's all puzzles, of course, but they're never intimidating. Plus you always get one free hint in each area, and if that doesn't help you there's a walkthrough as well. The temptation of using the latter is dampened by the fact that you have to beat a small sidescrolling shooter before you can access the solution to that area.

It's not always perfect though. I have hit on the right solution on a few occesions, only to see it fail because I wasn't necessarily standing in the right spot. Sometimes a meter to the right or left makes all the difference.

The story is very simple and nice. The way it is told is also quite unique. It makes for a very strange yet endearing atmosphere. Even though it's all about robots you find out they have emotions just like the rest of us. These Tin Men have hearts already. Well, most of them.

Anyway, lovely game, and well worth the time.

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Joram Barrez said...

Looks charming! I'll definitely try it out too.