September 13, 2009


While on holiday in the Dordogne (go figure) I added a small animation framework to BlueSG, and here is a screenshot (which, I know, isn't animated) of it in action:

These are 512 animated fish (imagery courtesy of Lost Garden), and they are swimming at about 45fps. That may not be much, but for the simplistic thing that it is, this is fine. It is also more than enough for my current needs.

PS. If anyone in the region of Aalst is looking for a full-time software engineer, feel free to contact me.


Crimson13 said...

Are you leaving the world of universities?

Victor said...

Hi !

Very interesting work. I wonder if you could share the source code of BlueSG. Because I'm working on a similar project for my personal use. So it would be interesting to see your implementation :)

And sorry for my English !

KrisDS said...

I'll gladly share the code. In fact, I just put it up on sourceforge so everyone who wants to can play with it. Details here.