October 16, 2008

Good news, bad news

The bad: I'm putting my 3D Lisp engine on hiatus. I still haven't found the right vibe to continue with it. It's partly to do with the uncomfortable development environment I've got going, but also with wanting to get something going that's more for the end user. I.e. not just a 3d engine. Anyway, we'll see what happens if and when the vibe returns.

The good: I will become a dad somewhere in the middle of next year ! This has taken most of my spare-time thoughts, as you can imagine. Apart from the obvious meanderings, I'm also wondering if I could not make something which will benefit him/her. A lot of kids these days naturally know how to use a computer, but not how to make it their own. They are only able to make it do what other people have provided for, not make it do whatever they want it to do. (This is why I think that learning some programming language should be a compulsory part of modern day schools.) I know of some projects in this area (e.g. Alice), but I haven't really seen anything that "just makes sense".

Anyway, for now I'm transforming this blog a more general purpose ranting mode. I'll try to find my muse, and see where life takes us.


Crimson13 said...

Congrats with the good news part!

Kris said...