July 19, 2008

CFFI-SDL now at SourceForge

From today on you can find the code for my SDL binding at SourceForge under a BSD license. The project page is here. (I'll work on a real webpage at a later time.) Here's a quick reminder of what it does:

CFFI-SDL provides a CFFI-binding between Lisp and the Simple Directmedia Layer (SDL). It is similar in scope to CL-SDL, but differs in two main ways:

  • CFFI-SDL makes use of CFFI for defining the native bindings, rather than UFFI. Hence also its (otherwise uninspiring) name.
  • CFFI-SDL leverages SWIG to generate most of this binding. That is, the actual CFFI code is generated by SWIG from the original SDL headers. This means that co-evolution with SDL does not require a lot of manual labour.

If you're interested, go over to SourceForge and try it out!


Luke Crook said...

Existing SDL wrappers for Common Lisp:

lispbuilder-sdl: http://lispbuilder.sourceforge.net/lispbuilder-sdl.html
cl-sdl: http://cl-sdl.sourceforge.net/
PAL: http://common-lisp.net/project/pal/
Alien Consader: http://www.alien-consader.org

Most of the lispbuilder-sdl, sdl-gfx, sdl-image, sdl-ttf, sdl-mixer wrappers are created using SWIG.

Kris said...

Luke, thanks for the links!

I know the first two. I have been playing with cl-sdl, as you can see on this blog. I've also come across lispbuilder's sdl, but I wasn't sure whether that would work with sbcl. I'll definitely take a look at it; if only to see how they are doing their SWIG generation.

The other two are new to me, and I'll try to check them out. However, I also want to get going on some real opengl programming, so maybe I'll keep that for a later time.