May 26, 2008

ASDF progress

Things have slightly slowed down, mainly because I have been focusing on something for work (an island-based Cobol parser, if you're curious). I have fixed the warning in the sdl component, and now asdf compiles it just fine. I still don't get where the warning is coming from though. It complains about a duplicate definition of "cd-status", but if that's so then I don't find the second definition. I do see both a foreign type and a foreign function named cd-status, but disambiguating those doesn't help. The warning only goes away when I rename the label for the foreign function. Anyway, I'm now planning to check the other parts of cl-sdl (I already did the sdl-img component, which required installing the sdl-image library). Once I've gone through all of them I'll add my own fixes and start testing the uffi-generator script for real.

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